The city for beautiful Rising and Setting Sun: Virginia

You will never forget the sunrise in Virginia. With the world still asleep, the show begins and you will be sitting in the balcony of one of the many beautiful hotels of Virginia watching the sun rise. When the sun rises and sets on these changing landscapes, truly magical things happen, creating Unforgettably beautiful moments. Watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean on a unique trip to Virginia Beach. Whether you are using a camera phone or a digi-cam, you can be sure to capture perfect sunrise and sunset.

Sunset from Norton Observation Tower

The High Knob Observation Tower towers over the top of the Snow Mountain High Knob Recreation Area, 4000 feet above sea level, in the heart of Appalachia, Virginia. On a clear day, you will get a broad view of the top five states (Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia). The observation tower was rebuilt in 2014 and is now accessible to the disabled. All visitors can enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset from the summit.

Sunrise at Virginia Beach

At The Virginia Beach you will never lose sight of the ocean while walking on this iconic landmark. The Fishing pier is an ideal place for sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, and if you are lucky, you may also see some dolphins jumping across the water. You can also take beautiful sunrise photos. You can also play with the sun through the pillars and beam tops.

Sunset at SOLO lake

If you want to enjoy the beauty under the sun then You can enjoy the sunset at Solo Lake in Reston. The lake is one of four artificial lakes as well as a great place for sunsets in Northern Virginia. Before sunset, you can take a stroll around the lake. It is important to note that the sun will drop under the tree before it reaches the horizon. Please ensure to arrive earlier than sunset to ensure the best view. Why don’t you give yourself a kick start and book with Delta Airlines Telefono to visit one of these breathtaking places in Virginia?

Richmond City Skyline

Although many people choose rudimentary landscapes to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or lovely sunset, Richmond’s city skyline provides a more urban beauty. One of the best places to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on Richmond’s skyline is Floodwall Park or Belle Island on the James River’s south side. Belle Island is located in the river and covers an area of ​​54 acres. It can be easily reached from the north side of James by a pedestrian bridge. Tredegar Street extends.

Scenic Chesapeake Bay Beach

EIther it's an evening walk or setting up beach chairs for a guitarist's performance, your eyes will surely capture the unforgettable sunset. Use the paddle board or kayak into the water and float on the water to get the perfect shot. The waters of the Chesapeake Bay are more flat than the ocean, which allows people to easily enjoy the intense colors of the sunset. Be sure to capture the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel in the background for the classic Va Beach style.


Croatan beach both Sunrise & Sunset

Take a morning surf lesson at Croatan Beach. Located south of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The reason why Croatan Beach is unique for its sunrise is that it is the prime choice of the local surfers, who often encounter some of the best waves before the sun rises. There is no better local lens than this and also The spectacular sunset on the ground.

Sunrises at Cape Huler’s

This  Nature Reserve consists of reserved wetlands, underdeveloped beaches, sand dunes and plateau forests. Some endangered animals call it a refuge, which is an important place for migrating waterfowl and songbirds in winter. Hughlett Point is also home to the Bald Eagle, Osprey and the North. Cape Sugarlet Nature Reserve has many wild animals and plants and pristine landscapes, and is a good place for sunrise or sunset.

Beautiful Sunset at Raonake

Overlooking the Roanoke Star from Mill Hill, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Roanoke Valley. The Setting sun can be seen from almost every part of the valley. The brilliant high star is located on Mill Mountain peak. From this vantage point, the dusk and dawn are breathtaking.

Sunset at National Battlefield of Manassas 

If you want to enjoy the sunset in the fields or rolling hills, then Manassas National Battlefield is the place for you. This beautiful spot in Northern Virginia offers sunset views. You can enjoy walking in the five-mile-long "First Manassas Loop". Enjoy the sunset view of the entire area and choose the view that suits you best. The battlefield is best for watching the sunset, but it is also an ideal place to enjoy the sunrise. JetBlue Telefono are the best option for your Air travel to Virginia, and you’ll be able to reach this dreamy destination in your budget if you book with them.